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RE: [CCGC] New member - Good morning!

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  • Dave Hiatt
    Greetings Rachele. I ve seen your name around a lot. I wish I would bump into cachers on the trail as well but it has not really happened to me yet. Except
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2010
      Greetings Rachele.  I've seen your name around a lot.  I wish I would bump into cachers on the trail as well but it has not really happened to me yet.  Except this one time I was going to a cache and I think I saw a cacher coming from it, but did not make contact until I got home and saw online who logged that cache.  I ended up meeting that person (coralteach) and we had a caching trip a couple weeks later.  It's pretty cool meeting people.  I enjoyed the 10 year event but my kids forced me to leave earlier than I wanted to due to crankiness.  I see you jump on a lot of FTF's....  I'd be open to caching with you guys as long as you don't mind having my kiddos around.  They always cache with me because I'm a single parent.
      Dave - deltahotel

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      Subject: [CCGC] New member - Good morning!

      Good morning fellow cachers!

      My family and I aren't really new to Monterey, we lived here back in the mid-nineties and came back to the area about 10 months ago. We've been caching for about 6 months and really enjoy it. My hubby and I were excited about going to the 10 yr celebration but we didn't realize there was a date change until 9:30pm that night. We jumped into the car, got to the place at 9:45pm and everyone was gone, so we headed back home (which is only a few minutes from MIRA anyways.) Bummer!

      I always read about how cachers bump into one another at caches and I haven't been fortunate enough for that to happen to me yet. I look forward to meeting some of you someday.

      Happy hunting~


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