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  • touchstone12002
    There are three commonly used access points to get into the Fort Ord Dunes State Park: 1. The Southern point near the message dune near the Sand City Mega
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2007
      There are three commonly used access points to get into the Fort Ord
      Dunes State Park:

      1. The Southern point near the "message" dune near the Sand City
      Mega Mall (N36 37.566 W121 50.454). Requires a bit of pushing
      through some deep sand until you can get on the paved road. Not
      extremely pleasent but doable.

      2. The underpass near the first stage of Semaphore Sector Sketch
      (GCH00E)(N36 39.118 W121 48.877). This is the most popular access
      point, as well as one slightly South that goes under the freeway,
      but is a bit harder to find. I've seen the surfer types also hop
      the 10th street overpass barricade, but I don't recommend that sort
      of thing. The underpass that I mentioned above appears to be widely
      accepted and people even park there cars there to access the dunes.

      3. The Northern access is right at the border between the Dunes and
      the Marina Beach State Park (N36 40.821 W121 48.550). The fence
      between the two borders is pretty much broken down and smashed flat,
      so it's a matter of just walking across it. Street parking is
      nearby, although I usually avoid parking right at the end of the cul
      de sac due to the nearby residents.

      Like I've said, the Rangers don't seem to mind people being out
      there, although I would suggest staying on either the paved roads,
      or the one or two surfer access trails. The eventual development of
      the Park is supposed to include some boardwalks and trails. I
      imagine the one or two trails that I know about will probably be
      established as regular trails, but otherwise I would assume that the
      rest of the area will be closed for native plant habitat. I know
      the Coastal Commission handed over the land to the State Parks with
      some great reluctance and some arm twisting for fear that the area
      would become overused and destroyed like many of the Monterey and
      Marina beaches.

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "ca_bicycler" <ca_bicycler@...> wrote:
      > So Ord is out of play because of bureaucracy.
      > Coe is out of range without burning fossil fuels - as a practical
      > matter Manzanita is about as far as I can go in that direction on
      > bicycle. Traffic becomes a problem on Castroville Boulevard.
      > Soquel Demonstration Forest - I have bicycled past there quite a
      > times. Too far for regular out and back in one day type trips.
      > Would prefer to avoid creating a situation where people try to
      turn a
      > not-for-drive-up cache into a drive-up cache. So that kind of
      > most of the Monterey Bay Coastal trail out of play. Also, judging
      > from all the restrictions on "CCGC-MBCBP Adopt-a-Trail" I had
      > the city's bureaucratic machinery was down on caching. Noticed
      > someone didn't read and dropped a TB in there despite published
      > restrictions - I will rescue the TB if it remains on the weekend.
      > There doesn't appear to be egress in "Dunes State Park" other than
      > the holes which have been torn in the fence. There is no place I
      > of which says welcome to "Dunes State Park". Just cables and
      > chainlink fence. Have I missed something?
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