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Nov. 14th Dinner with "Maximum" Bob Lutz

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  • monty wolf
    i just got off of the phone with the secretary of the western automotive journalists, of which my employer is president, who has told me that we are going to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2007
      i just got off of the phone with the secretary of the western automotive journalists, of which my employer is president, who has told me that we are going to have several available seats for a special appearance by bob lutz, the head of general motors, who will speak on the future of the automotive industry.

      this is a very rare opportunity to talk directly to the man who pulls the strings of the largest car manufacturing company in the country.  it's also going to be a wonderful dinner, of which the cost is being offset by the folks at www.autochannel.com  the regular fee for a dinner like this is $55 (i know this because i've been working directly to put this event together).  the non-member fee is only $40 for filet mignon, grilled chicken of fresh grilled salmon with all the trimmings.

      since most of us drive to the caches we find, i thought some of you may be interested in joining us.

      you'll find the details below.

      feel free to join us and, please, tell jon that monty sent you!

      i think there are some geocaches in the area? ;-D

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      From: Jon Rosner < Jon@...>
      Date: Oct 31, 2007 8:42 PM
      Subject: Nov. 14th Dinner with "Maximum" Bob Lutz
      To: robert@...

      Greetings Members of WAJ and Industry,

      When the history of the automotive industry at the end of the 20th
      Century and the beginning of the 21st is written, one person is going to
      deserve a chapter of his own -- /*Bob Lutz*/. The man who was a key
      member of the team that revived Chrysler in the 1990s is now engaged in
      what has to be */the biggest challenge of his extensive career --
      turning the largest car company in the world-General Motors /*- into a
      company that makes cars and trucks consumers want and are willing to pay
      a premium for, while probably shrinking its work force and dealer body.
      It's a challenge that many who were already past retirement age might
      have passed on, but not Bob Lutz. Meet the man who was behind the Dodge
      Viper, a man who can drive anything from a huge 1950s Chrysler 300 to
      piloting his own ex-Eastern European Military Jet. Did, and does, he
      really have the authority and the cohones to cancel near-complete
      programs that he felt were not right ? Has he exercised that power ?
      He's always quotable because he's not afraid to say what he thinks, so
      bring your notepads and tape recorders. History will be made!

      House Salad
      and your choice of~
      Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken or Fresh Grilled Salmon
      two fresh vegetables and roast potato
      Starbucks Coffee

      *WAJ Members:                $35.00
      Industry and Guests             $40.00

      Please email or call Jon Rosner for reservations~ jon@... or

      Per the Westin WAJ will provide the name of each guest and each guest
      will have a placecard to denote the entree they ordered.
      Reservations are *required *by November 7th. *The Auto Channel has
      graciously underwritten the cost of presenting Bob Lutz*.
      Anyone stating that they plan to attend who is a no-show or
      late-cancelation will be charged the unsubsidized cost of their meal.


      The Westin San Francisco Airport One Old Bayshore Highway, Millbrae, CA,

      from San Francisco
      101 South 12.5 miles
      Millbrae Avenue exit 420 towards Millbrae
      Right onto Bayshore Highway
      Arrive at the Westin

      from San Jose
      101 North 30.4 miles
      Millbrae Avenue exit towards Millbrae
      Right onto East Millbrae Avenue
      Right onto Bayshore Highway
      Arrive at the Westin
      monty wolf
      pebble beach ,ca
      skype me: montywolf
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