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Re: [CCGC] new to the area

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  • monty wolf
    ... i used to have to worry about losing sat reception in canyons. now, it s in the tree canopy. the only thing i ve used my gps for is so i wouldn t get
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 2, 2007
      On 8/2/07, Jenn Oates <wildoates56@...> wrote:
      Monty, those green things all around you?  Those are called trees

      i used to have to worry about losing sat reception in canyons.  now, it's in the tree canopy.  the only thing i've used my gps for is so i wouldn't get lost in pebble beach!  i'm learning the roads around here much better, but i would still be out there without the breadcrumbs i laid-down when i first got here.

      That grey stuff that covers the sky?  That's called fog

      we actually saw the sun today in pb, the first time in over a week that it has shone through.  all that sun a gathered during the rally has faded from my skin.

      The lack of heat energy in the lower trophosphere in July?  That's called summer in Monterey. 

      it was in the 60s today.  much warmer and i can wear a t-shirt.  ;-)

      And those bipedal hominids that seem to have infested all the beautiful places?  They're called people.

      they're the same people that come to nevada.  "go home!"  ;-)

      It ain't Nevada, but it's home.  :P

      Welcome back to California!

      it's been almost 30 years since i've been a california resident.  seems like only 1978.

      PS:  I was in Monterey last weekend but I was with my sister, so visiting was not an option, rats. 

      if only i had the time, myself.  i've had one day off (counting weekends) since i got here and that was because i had one of my tmj headaches.  i would rather be working than have one of those.  we keep the hours down to around 10 on the weekend.  that's my time off, so far!

      I only found one cache and it was in King City.  

      it's been almost a month since i've found a cache and that was from above virginia city on the 4th of july before we watched the fireworks come up to our level on the road the rally descended into town.


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