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Re: [CCGC] Re: Any news in Monterey County?

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  • Gabrielle
    Well, since you asked... . This group, ccgca, was created in April 2004 by redtroll2 (aka: compass_bearing_north), around the time he hosted a CITO event in
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 12 12:31 PM
      Well, since you asked... This group, ccgca, was created in April 2004 by redtroll2 (aka: compass_bearing_north), around the time he hosted a CITO event in Seaside, for the purpose of exchanging news and planning more events in the Central Coast/Monterey Bay area.  When I joined the group I thought it was such a great idea that I created a similar group for Santa Cruz County (in January 2005).  Since the logo redtroll2 used on the page was created by a Santa Cruz geocacher, our group voted to have it on our front web page as well.  Back in 2001, when the logo was designed, there were fewer geocachers and geocaches so the name Central Coast Geocachers was created to cover a really wide area, mostly Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz Counties.  Now geocachers seem to stick their areas a bit more tightly than before.
      It is true that some of us are members of both yahoogroups, however I feel both groups could serve well to keep us updated for our areas.  I know it has been suggested the GBA forums could serve this purpose nicely as well.  I just don't happen to go there much.
      Our GeocachingSantaCruz has become more active through meeting each other at events and having monthly news updates, sometimes we have had contests or big discussions over local caches.  We had to create a second yahoogroup for those who wished to join the secret membership of CacheMedic, whose goal is to rescue abandoned caches in need of maintenance.
      I hope this little history is helpful.  Thanks for asking.

      Raymond <rxcooper@...> wrote:
      What is the difference between this group and the Geocaching Santa Cruz Group?  I see both use the same logo and I see that you are invovled in both chickasaw so I figure you might know...  The Santa Cruz Group seems to have a lot more activity.
      I'm a little further north than you guys (N.U.T.S. Country) http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/nuts_ / , but do get a chance to cache your area a bit when we visit relatives in Santa Cruz. 
      Cheers, NIFTSIX

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups. com, "Chickasaw" <go2garrett@. ..> wrote:
      > Hello CCGCA members:
      > No messages since mid-August? I noticed this group has accepted 5 new
      > members since then. Any news to report down Monterey way? It sounds
      > like the Moss Landing event last weekend was a big success. How is
      > that 5 star underwater cache doing in Monterey Bay?
      > Hello new members! I am Chickasaw of ynots4 and live in Santa Cruz
      > County but I have a virtual cache in Castroville and cache in Monterey
      > County whenever I get a chance. I have been assigned the role of one
      > of several group moderators.
      > Happy caching everyone!
      > Chickasaw

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