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  • touchstone12002
    If it were me, I d go ahead and get it listed so that people have as much advance notice as possible. Of course, you ll have to be fairly certain of the
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 19, 2005
      If it were me, I'd go ahead and get it listed so that people have as
      much advance notice as possible. Of course, you'll have to be fairly
      certain of the coordinates/work site, because once those are set it's
      kind of tough to change them without an Approver's blessing.

      Games? Too bad it's not on the CSUMB campus. I can think of lots of
      diabolical ideas centering around the Ropes Course near the VA
      Clinic :D Of course, the nearby Frisbee Golf Course offers lots of
      potential games as well (i.e. who can toss a frisbee nearest the zero
      spot by projecting with their GPS to estimate the distance).

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "teambiggeeks" <teambiggeeks@y...>
      > I was planning on posting the listing the first week of Nov. I
      > to run out and get some coords and survey cleanup areas. Also I
      > need to find out some more information as to what R.O.N. has
      > planned. I pretty sure they've got Whole Foods locked in to
      > water and snacks. The event will be held at Natividad Creek Park
      > off of (a street name I forgot) off of Boronda in Northern
      > Depending on turn out, we may be able to do a second location a
      > short distance away...The newly restored Carr lake near Natividad
      > hospital.
      > So, I've got access to about a dozen Garmin Etrek Ventures for the
      > event. I'm thinkin' of billing it as a 'Bucket of GPSrs'. But I
      > haven't really been able to come up with something cool to employ
      > with them. I was thinking I could program them all with the coords
      > of a couple of temporary hides for kids and non-geocachers or
      > something, but I dunno...any ideas out there? Or diabolical ones,
      > Touchstone?
      > Should I set up the site anyway with more information as it comes
      > available?
      > BGB
      > Ben: When ya going to post that CITO Event? Just curious, but where
      > is it going to be held?
      > - Touchstone
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