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Re: Mt. Hermon and Yosemite

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  • touchstone12002
    Thanks for the well wishes guys. We ll try and catch you next year at the next CITO Event. CITO coin looks pretty cool. I ll keep an eye out for the December
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 13, 2005
      Thanks for the well wishes guys. We'll try and catch you next year
      at the next CITO Event.

      CITO coin looks pretty cool. I'll keep an eye out for the December
      Event so I can nab one of those gems.

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "teambiggeeks" <teambiggeeks@y...>
      > I've also been waiting till the last minute to rule out making it
      > the VIP Yosemite event. I think it's going to be a blast. We'll
      > have to live vicariously through the gallery images.
      > So I just recieved the 1st draft of the CCGC-CITO coin from the
      > manufacturer. You'll see there is still some work to be done.
      > responded with all the changes necessary to make our logo POP. I'd
      > like to send an image of the topo map necessary in the map square,
      > but only have the flatten image of our logo. ATTN: Susie :) Can I
      > take you up on your offer of providing layer info. I told the coin
      > artist we could lose some of the contour lines as long as the
      > lines were there. I don't think she could work off the image I
      > her, so I was hoping to send a pic of EXACTLY what would be
      > acceptable. Do you have a map layer without the "READY TO
      > NAVIGATE"text?
      > Safe Travels to everyone headed out to Yosemite. Soak up Muir's
      > country, we'll be here playing with coin pictures ;)
      > BGB
      > --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, Susie Cochran <susie@s...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I've enjoyed reading all the logs from the Mt. Hermon hike this
      > past
      > > weekend. It sounds like everyone had a really wonderful time. A
      > > special thanks goes to 50sumtin for arranging hikes like this one
      > and
      > > the Big Basin to the Sea hike a few weeks back.
      > >
      > > I'm so disappointed that I won't be able to make it to the
      > Yosemite
      > > event this weekend, but I just wanted to wish everyone who is
      > going a
      > > good time. Have a safe drive up and back, and don't let the bears
      > get
      > > you. I know the VIP program is going to be really impressed with
      > the
      > > turnout. Be sure to take plenty of pix! I can't wait to see how
      > > Touchstone rakes out firepits with Jr. T on his shoulders ;-)
      > > -Coralgeo
      > > --
      > > Susan Cochran
      > > susie@s...
      > > http://www.scubasue.com
      > >
      > > I want to tell you the ocean knows this, that life in its jewel
      > boxes
      > > is endless as the sand, impossible to count, pure, and made the
      > > jellyfish full of light and untied its knot, letting its musical
      > > threads fall from a horn of plenty made of infinite mother-of-
      > pearl.
      > > -Pablo Neruda
      > >
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