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"Operation Hurricache"

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  • grrlfrog71
    Dear Fellow Cachers, This past weekend I asked for assistance in getting a stranded cacher home to New Orleans. With help from cachers in New York,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2005
      Dear Fellow Cachers,

      This past weekend I asked for assistance in getting a stranded
      cacher home to New Orleans. With help from cachers in New York,
      Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, that cacher is on her
      way home!!

      I come to you again to ask for help but this time it is for a
      project that you should find both fun and rewarding. Last night I
      spoke at length to the cacher in NOLA who is helping me find other
      cachers in need of assistance due to Hurricane Katrina. Two of the
      three desperate situations we are aware of have been resolved. We
      also know that there are more people down the road that we will hear
      about in time.

      We have both concluded that our efforts can only help so much; we
      must leave the "big work" of rebuilding homes and lives to FEMA and
      the Red Cross. However, what we hear over and over again is that
      cachers are touched that we are even "thinking" of them. I have an
      Inbox full of email messages to this point. I have also been able
      to put caching groups in touch with families to be "adopted" - it
      has been a tremendous boost that as an organization, we are reaching
      out to each other.

      Because we recognize that people are not comfortable with donating
      funds to someone they don't know, we have come up with an
      alternative. In an effort to boost morale and bring even the
      slightest bit of a smile to cachers, we are embarking on a project
      called "Operation Hurricache". We plan to build 100 Hurricaches
      (care packages) to be distributed to needy cachers as we track them
      down. Please think about an item you would like to include and we
      ask that you send 100 of the same item. Be sure the items each
      include your personal/group geocaching name and logo (if
      applicable). Avery labels are fine for this. The items can be
      practical, funny, geocache-related, or mere tokens of

      Some examples include:

      -miniature tool set
      -bottle opener
      -drawings/artwork by kids (a classroom project)
      -small log books
      -can opener
      -rubber gribbers
      -pens/pencils with logos
      -small flashlight
      -gift cards
      -small toys
      -bar of soap

      We are geocachers - we know where we can get inexpensive items to
      include in a cache. Oriental Trading has lots of great stuff, any
      travel-size item will work, and in some cases there may be people in
      the groups who could get something donated. At this very moment I
      am in touch with Magellan and Garmin to see what they are willing to
      contribute. I have asked for GPSr's but we'll see what they are
      willing to do.

      Depending on the amount of participation, it will dictate the size
      of the box and/or ammo can. One thing for sure is I want to be
      able to sticker the outside of the container with the geocaching
      groups' States and Logos. Each Hurricache will look like a well-
      travelled suitcase once we get through with it.

      We want cachers in the Gulf to know that we are thinking about them
      from all areas of the country. From what we know so far, people hit
      by this tragedy are feeling alone, desolate and completely uncertain
      of their future. We need to do what we can to help.

      Thanks so much for your concern,
      Mary Ann
      "Grrlfrog & CacheChow" on geocaching.com

      More info about Operation Hurricache & Katrina Cachers:
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