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88Spring is Here

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  • David L. Norris
    Mar 9, 2005
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      Hi All,

      I saw a cache on my display near Coyote Creek Golf course yesterday,
      but did not have a log for it. SO not knowing what I was looking
      for, or how to get to it, I just started following my nose and the
      waypoint marker cross country. At first things went well, I ducked
      2 gates and climbed over a downed fence,but soon I was in 18" of
      grass, by myself, and of course I forgot my phone in the car. I had
      no stick, but ventured further and found the cache. Down below me
      was a paved bike trail, so I thought I would exit that way. After
      about half a mile, the trail turned west and headed away from my
      truck, as far as I could see in the distance, so I turned and went
      back the way I came. I did not encounter any Rattlesnakes, but came
      out with four ticks crawling on me. "Experience is what you get
      when you didn't get what you wanted!" I think I will avoid tall
      grass from now on in my caching. Peace and Harmony THE BEAR