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641Just sayin' hi

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  • chadzook750@sbcglobal.net
    May 31, 2013
      Hi all,
      Names Chad, or more appropriate, kneedragger1. Only been caching since 4/29/13 but I'm uo to 99 caches found and I think 7 hides. It's like a fever, I just can't stop. Had a full knee replacement Feb 26th and it's getting it's exercise for sure!!!! I live in Los Osos, by San Luis Obispo, lived here all my life. I know this place pretty well. Gotta go right now as I gotta walk Dakota the Wonder Dog, yes she's logged too, and then go to the top of Black Mountain to go get my number 100, Black Hill Stash!!! Try to drop in, really wondering about any events close to me ie Central Coast, San Luis Obispo County