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  • ca_bicycler
    Jun 4, 2011
      So far only two of us are talking about this!

      I see a special event is also planned the following day - Project APE cache - this time via the tunnel (which was closed last year).

      Would really like to firm up some plans for a carpool.

      I have a roadster - no backseat and virtually no trunk - totally unsuitable for more than one on a road trip.

      I also have a 2000 Isuzu Amigo - only 61K on it. If I were to take then I need to get hopping on replacing the tires.

      Or we can go in your car. I am totally flexible on lodging. (or camping)

      Gas money is no problem if I/we go in someone else's car.

      My preference would be a couple of days up, a couple of days there, and a couple of days back.

      One excellent plan might be to marathon drive to vicinity of Portland. Stay a night. Grab the first stash commemorative cache the following morning. Go the remaining distance to Seattle. Day #1 Block Party event. Day two: APE cache event. Then marathon drive (trading off drivers) all the way back to Monterey. Or one can stretch things out a bit if more caching is desired along the way.

      Note - for the Seattle portion I would want to "hang" with my geocaching sister. She lives near Everett I can crash there for gratis.
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