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  • ramayadub
    Dec 27, 2010
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      argh! i've not been getting my messages from this group! i would have SO been on that night cache in november...guess i gotta look online more now....anyhoo...i've attempted two whereigo's with hotshoe...the first was a bit of a bomb...her gps picked up all the zones without us moving! lol...but then we tried sea of cortez and was successful except apparently the final is missing! ugh! so...i now see how it's done but she had a garmin and i'm using my iphone...finally figured out how to get it to read me on the planet but i'm still not quite jiggy with it...i saw that someone is successfully whereigoing with the iphone...i'd LOVE to tag with you!!! other than that i'm up for any and all geobuddies to join for anything...i'm actually wanting to start the toro park gazillion or so...anyone else not done that over there!?!? join me??? :)