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  • ca_bicycler
    May 21, 2010
      I had planned to lead a "rainbow" type hike through Toro on Saturday. Apparently it is a bit much because none of my rainbow type pals have committed to the hike yet. Planned route includes portions of Toyon Loop, Black Mountain, Simas to Airplane, Harper Canyon (for Ross' Basket), Ollason, a detour for an attempt on "Its High Time", and Gilson Gap trail back to the main entrance.

      If you know there is an issue with a cache along that route and want a "cache medic" type visit then reply to this post.

      I plan to check all caches along the route and will post a report after the hike for condition of those caches.

      Anyone who is feeling very energetic is also welcome to tag along for a guided tour with a guy who has already done the SImas to Airplane once. (i.e. guaranteed find and guaranteed not to get hopelessly lost in the brambles) By "very energetic" I mean able to maintain a steady pace up Black Mountain trail and still finish a dozen miles worth of geo-caching in about eight hours.