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53Re: [CCGC] Re: Caches Closest to Home You Have NOT Found

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  • Rick Lagerstrom
    Dec 24, 2004
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      This is a kewl idea.  Now, if I can figure out where I am, then I can list the caches that are close.  Then, I can go out and find them.  Sounds like fun!  So here are eight that are close to home that I haven�t yet gone out to find.  There isn�t any reason I haven�t found them yet other than I just haven�t gone after them.  I am sure we�ll find them soon. 

      1.3 miles: 
      Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Kid by Touchstone (GCH0YP)
      1.5 miles: 
      Daley Planet by Touchstone (GCHJC4)
      1.8 miles: 
      Abracadabra by Touchstone (GCH2D1)
      2.0 miles: 
      X Marks the Spot by AquaDyne (GC4236)
      2.9 miles: 
      Pole Position (Notaries) by GeoROCKS! (GCKW7Q)
      2.9 miles: 
      Spiders by the Dozen Three (Part 1) by SpiderTracks (GCA814)
      2.9 miles: 
      Spiders by the Dozen Three (Part 2) by SpiderTracks (GCA817)
      3.3 miles: 
      Mail Call of the Wild by AltDotAir (GCB268)

      For those that I have hidden that are close to home, my little list follows.  Most are well visited.  I have to double check WestLog Penney Cache as it has not been visited for a couple of months or so.   

      1.2 miles: 
      Bullwinkle's Nest by westlog (GCJCYA)
      4.1 miles: 
      Griffin's Lair by westlog (GCJYH9)
      5.2 miles: 
      WestLog Penney Cache by westlog (GCK026)
      6.3 miles: 
      Garrison View by westlog (GCJCY4)

      And with that, Merry Christmas to all.  I hope you get all the good stuff (toys) you want from Santa. 

      73 de WestLog  Rick  ;-)

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      73 es Take good care,  Rick  KN6FR
      Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University
      President, ECTAR, Inc.; Executive Director, CARTOG
      Director, Training & Operations, NPSARC
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