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519Introductions and History of CCGCA

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  • Chickasaw
    Dec 29, 2008
      Welcome to all new geocachers or new to CCGCA yahoogroup!

      I am one of 3 active moderators for this group. The owner of the
      group is redtroll2. Are you out there redtroll2? :) He formed the
      group after holding a very nice CITO event in Seaside, April 2004. I
      joined the group after seeing redtroll2 again at my summer geocaching
      picnic in Scotts Valley, June 2004, then later formed my own Santa
      Cruz Geocachers yahoogroup.

      The logo you see on the home page of both yahoogroups was designed by
      some of the first geocachers along the Central Coast. Raygun_88 has
      since moved away, but coralgeo is still here and one of this group's
      moderators and a Charter Member of www.geocaching.com! Cool, huh.

      It's so great to see geocaching expanding in our areas. For one
      thing it means I can get out there and geocache some more after
      finding everything in my area and taking a long break.

      Feel free to introduce yourselves to the group and ask questions.
      The primary geocaching "guru" for CCGCA is Touchstone aka: Mike. How
      many caches have you hidden so far? I can't keep count! Most of his
      caches are way too challenging for my abilities but are said to be
      immensely enjoyable. How is that for a plug? :D

      Happy New Year! Be safe and have fun geocaching!

      ~ Chickasaw aka: ynots4 aka: Gabrielle Garrett

      (owner of "The World's Largest Artichoke" GCHK3T)