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5Re: Climbing Cache

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  • touchstone12002
    May 18, 2004
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      Alright, this is too quiet on the climbing cache :/ I'm going to
      speculate: I think it's out by the Bunny Cache/Musical Cross area.
      Some nice looking granite boulders out there.

      Next question: is it a regular or a micro? I'd hate to have to look
      for a micro stuffed in a crack or something, while trying to grapple
      up a rock face :0

      And to answer BuckyDef: No! There's a stairway leading up to the
      balcony :) I dropped by this weekend during my hardware store run,
      and asked about the cost. It sounded like my one theory was
      correct. They count on a few folks to pay for equipment/instruction
      to pay for the use of the balcony. If I remember right, the cost was
      $15.00/person for shoes/harness/belay slave. If you already have
      equipment and the knowledge, then it's cheaper. They do require a
      quick instruction even for experienced climbers, and a signed waiver.

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "cdjm03" <corbydale@n...> wrote:
      > Hmmm, do we have to climb up to the balcony to actually get to the
      > pizza??
      > --BuckyDef
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