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49Re: Caches Closest to Home You Have NOT Found

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  • Gabrielle Garrett
    Dec 22, 2004
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      This brings up a whole new topic of interest.  Which caches are closest to home that we haven't found, and why.  I like that Sgt Stitches offers this list as well.
      OK, so here is my closest to home that I have not found...
      1.6 mi SW  Aylsworth View by Kealia    - posted DNF last weekend
      1.8 mi SW  Garden of Eden by Kealia   - posted DNF and haven't had a chance to return
      2.0 mi SW  Twinkletoes, Revised by The Groin   - posted DNF because of lack of swimsuits
            and time 
      2.2 mi W   the cache of roaring camp (?) by David, Noelle & Reggie  - posted DNF and still
            don't get it
      3.1 mi S   Pinogop Cache by capnjack46  - NEW

      Sergeant Stitches <sgt_stitches@...> wrote:
      .... but I don't usually look at just the closest to home, I filter to see which ones are closest that I have not yet found.... so, here are my top 9 closest to home:

      1.7mi         (1/1)    19 Jan 02
         Dead Presidents by Agent Iron Chef (GC3352) (CURRENTLY INACTIVE)
      2mi         (3/1.5)    21 Oct 01
         Brain Scratch by Iron Chef (GC241B)
      2.2mi         (2.5/1)    14 Dec 04
         Hot Wheels Cache by Team Abigale (GCM99H) (CURRENTLY INACTIVE)
      2.4mi         (3/3.5)    7 Dec 04
         Branciforte Creek Cache by MonarchSchool (GCM7T8) (New)
      2.5mi         (2.5/2)    21 Dec 04
         Bluegrass Bob TB cache by capnjack46 (GCMAG0) (New)

      -Sgt Stitches
      (aka Lance)

      From: "Gabrielle" <go2garrett@...>
      Reply-To: ccgca@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 00:54:32 -0000
      To: ccgca@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [CCGC] Name your closest to home caches and did you hide any?

      Hello everyone:

      This isn't a poll, but something fun to know about each other.  I
      think all of us bring up our "closest to home" cache list alot and
      see pretty much the same thing at the top of the list each time.  
      Since all of our lists are different, I thought it would be great fun
      to see what we come up with.  I will start:

      Home Coordinates: in Scotts Valley, CA

      Closest to home caches:  
        .5 mi - Chasing Amy by Kealia
        .5 mi - Linear Park by Kealia
        .7 mi - Camp Evers Fish Park by Kealia
        .9 mi - Sky Park Micro View by ynots4   * mine!*

      You next ;-)

      Chickasaw (of ynots4)

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