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  • Stacey
    May 4, 2008
      We are going to be up there, too!! I will be working the Pathtag Table
      from 3-5 on Saturday. We are staying at the Orchid Suites, checking
      out Sunday, but when we get up there we are seeing if we can extend
      until Monday.

      We will also be attending the Friday Night Meet and Greet. There is
      also a geocoin event planned for Saturday night at one of the other
      hotels (not sure of the top of my head) that I will probably be
      attending. Tigsurfn is going to try to do some night caching after the
      Friday Night event. We don't konw what we are doing on Sunday.

      I do know that on Monday there is a breakfast together somewhere down
      99 or 5, I can't remember that either. (ARGH).

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