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47Re: Name your closest to home caches and did you hide any?

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  • Gabrielle Garrett
    Dec 22, 2004
      Yeah, I want a Cruz Commando picture of that buck knife too! 
      Touchstone, you got me on Chasing Amy.  I'm not giving away the actual cache destination.  That is Blockbuster's coordinates which is closest to my home.
      Gotta do a "field trip" to your area for caching soon.  The only Touchstone Cache I have found so far is "Elkhorn Slough" virtual last Mother's Day. That was a great family outting for us.
      Happy Holiday Trails!

      touchstone12002 <msmelser@...> wrote:

      OK, here's mine.  Boy, kind of depressing now that I think about it. 
      Looks like I live out in the desert or something ;)

      1.2mi   Another ammo box, with a view! by Jim and Jeanette
      1.4mi   Spooner's West - "Spoons and PEZ Galore" by Just a short Walk
      1.7mi   Manza MUD by lsdsquirrels (GCK285)
      1.8mi   Joe Manzanita by Touchstone (GCHD2E)
      3.4mi   Little and Red by The Plunketts (GCG451)

      Now I have to ask Chikasaw: are those the posted coords for Chasing
      Amy, or did you actually sit through that movie and figure out the
      real ones?

      I had to laugh at the Sarge's first two closest NF's.  Both IC
      caches.  I usually find his one star difficulty caches are equal to
      my three stars.  I have such a notoriously bad record of finding his
      caches that I'm almost afraid to go out and find them anymore :D

      And another thing: Are we going to get a pic of that 30 year old Buck
      knife FTF Prize that the Cruz Cammando Jr Squad found today or are we
      going to have to wait for the next Event Cache?

      Merry Caching Christmas to All,

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "Gabrielle" <go2garrett@s...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone:
      > This isn't a poll, but something fun to know about each other.  I
      > think all of us bring up our "closest to home" cache list alot and
      > see pretty much the same thing at the top of the list each time. 
      > Since all of our lists are different, I thought it would be great
      > to see what we come up with.  I will start:
      > Home Coordinates: in Scotts Valley, CA
      > Closest to home caches: 
      >    .5 mi - Chasing Amy by Kealia
      >    .5 mi - Linear Park by Kealia
      >    .7 mi - Camp Evers Fish Park by Kealia
      >    .9 mi - Sky Park Micro View by ynots4   * mine!*
      > You next ;-)
      > Chickasaw (of ynots4)

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