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  • ca_bicycler
    Dec 25, 2007
      Does anyone want the briefcase style container used at W.A.V. ?

      It has come into my possession.

      Gasket is damaged, but an enterprising cacher stasher could probably
      make repairs. The case is hard black plastic. Marked GEOCACHING.COM on
      one side. Might be best used for a cache site sheltered from rain and
      direct sun. The case would probably not be watertight even with a good
      repair job on the gasket. Exposure to UV does not seem to have made the
      plastic brittle - yet. But plastic is plastic - might be better to
      avoid direct sun.

      And no, I don't want to use it myself! Not that I don't want to
      contribute to the caches around Monterey - I am working on a series of
      caches. I plan to place and maintain my caches in a zero-emissions
      fashion - and this case is just too bulky for hauling around on a road