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  • monty wolf
    Dec 7, 2007
      sounds like you need to discuss this with the ranger instead of replacing the cache.
      perhaps all it would take to get him off of your back and get your caches returned, and replaced, is just a little face to face.
      he probably thinks you're the bad guy in this situation.
      you never know!
      monty wolf
      pebble beach ,ca
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      On 12/7/07, Corby Dale <buckydef@...> wrote:

      Our experience at Point Lobos: It is the case that a
      ranger at Point Lobos is repeatedly (4-5 replacements
      so far) removing one of our caches because that ranger
      does not like it there. The cache is on-trail and
      within the fenced trail boundary along the Whaler's
      Cove trail. The other caches in the park remain
      unmolested, indicating that the ranger just happened
      upon this one and has not bothered to identify all
      cache locations within that park, but returns to see
      if this one has been replaced so that they can remove
      it again. The ranger has not contacted us to ask us
      not to replace the cache, but has instead made a
      flippant comment to another hiker "yeah, I know about
      geocaching, I've got 5 of them sitting in my desk" and
      continues to remove the caches as they get replaced.
      It is very frustrating, as it is totally allowed and
      within bounds, but we cannot even work with this
      person since they'd rather be passive/aggressive...

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