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461Re: Point Lobos

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  • touchstone12002
    Dec 5, 2007
      Hi Fox51,

      In general State Parks have been fine with cache placements,
      although I suspect it is not an issue at the top of their agenda.
      In addition, each Park/Reserve belongs to a District, and it is the
      Head Ranger for the District that sets the Policy for the Parks that
      they manage. In Monterey (which Point Lobos is part of), the
      District Office is out on Garden Road. If you want a more
      definitive answer before placing a cache, I would suggest contacting
      the District Office. Chatting with Rangers on the trail can result
      in wrong answers and incorrect assumptions, as Marky pointed out.

      As far as Federal Lands are concerned, the only agencies that have
      specifically banned caching are the National Park Service, and the
      National Wildlife Refuges. To the best of my knowledge, Pinnacles
      National Monument is the only NPS managed land in Monterey County,
      and the only NWR is the Salinas River NWR near the Dole Plant on Hwy
      1 where it crosses the Salinas River. To complicate matters a bit,
      Fort Ord BLM has imposed an Emergency Moratorium on all new cache
      placements while they evaluate Geocaching on the lands that the BLM
      manages out there.

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "likeafox51" <fox51@...> wrote:
      > While hiking at Point Lobos today, we talked with the Rangers about
      > their policy on Geocaches in the park. It was my understanding that
      > State Parks are okay for caching but Federal are not. Point Lobos
      is a
      > State Reserve, so I wanted to clarify for myself before putting a
      > cache in that 'perfect' spot. We were told that the Rangers remove
      > them when they find them off the trails because they don't want
      > going off trail. The head ranger is also concerned about the
      > wildlife when a cache turns into litter. Just wanted to pass the
      > along as it explains why caches seem to go missing there.
      > Fox51
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