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  • ca_bicycler
    Nov 29, 2007
      So Ord is out of play because of bureaucracy.

      Coe is out of range without burning fossil fuels - as a practical
      matter Manzanita is about as far as I can go in that direction on a
      bicycle. Traffic becomes a problem on Castroville Boulevard.

      Soquel Demonstration Forest - I have bicycled past there quite a few
      times. Too far for regular out and back in one day type trips.

      Would prefer to avoid creating a situation where people try to turn a
      not-for-drive-up cache into a drive-up cache. So that kind of knocks
      most of the Monterey Bay Coastal trail out of play. Also, judging
      from all the restrictions on "CCGC-MBCBP Adopt-a-Trail" I had assumed
      the city's bureaucratic machinery was down on caching. Noticed
      someone didn't read and dropped a TB in there despite published
      restrictions - I will rescue the TB if it remains on the weekend.

      There doesn't appear to be egress in "Dunes State Park" other than
      the holes which have been torn in the fence. There is no place I know
      of which says welcome to "Dunes State Park". Just cables and
      chainlink fence. Have I missed something?
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