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448GBES Rally Press Release

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  • monty wolf
    Nov 1, 2007
      the buggy bunch, rally entry: team x has just sent me an article that she (betsy fessler) wrote about last june's rally, including the best picture i've seen yet of the steep road that seemed to be everybody's favorite and/or least favorite section of the rally.

      of all the special events i have produced over the past 25-years, i would have to say that this was the best!

      the images are a scan from the mag, but you can zoom in tight enough to easily read the text and see the sunburn on my flag-waiving arm.

      since yahoo groups doesn't allow attachments, you can read the article and see the pics here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=b089d3bb-ea1a-4d89-9f2b-39148d4b0852

      the article tells the story well and the pics are pretty groovy too!


      btw: i just returned from las vegas where i saw some several next-generation gps-receivers (one of them came home with me) and some even cooler off-(and on) road vehicles (unfortunately: none of them came home with me.  but, i sure tried to get the jack roush powered ford gt-40 - a real one not the ford gt - painted gulf oil racing colors - blue with orange racing stripes- ala dan gurney style.).
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