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436Re: [CCGC] Re: Open House 8/11 Elkhorn Slough Reserve

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  • monty wolf
    Aug 2 10:29 PM
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      hi mike:

      you guys were the heroes of last year's rally, in my opinion!  i never expected you to finish in the subaru and it out ran the lifted jeeps and big v-8s!


      how did you guys get up that one steep washout?  i thought that was going to be your achilles heal.

      i'll be trying to oil that machinery from here for next year's rally.  rrinnv is out scouting courses.  i hope i get a chance to see what he's found in the next month or so.  this is gonna be a real challenge for the 5th annual.  but, a challenge has never stopped me before!

      i am, however, the mighty former leader of gbes.  michelle (moonchaser) zukovski is the new president of gbes.  i felt it was my duty to abdicate since i couldn't preside over the group from here.  especially since we are now chartered with the state of nevada as a 501c3.  i'm still on the board, but that won't last much longer.

      i will, however, be the rally director for the 2008 rally.

      it was tough turning the gavel over since i formed the group.  but, i never wanted gbes to be a one-person show.  so, it was going to happen eventually anyway.  i'm glad i was able to accomplish things like 1000 find pins (you qualify as a recipient since you've competed in the rally) and creating the rally.

      your kind words are all the thanks i would ever need!

      the rally has been my gift to geocachers of the west!

      i'm just glad i could pull it off!

      cache you later.


      On 8/2/07, touchstone12002 <touchstone12002@...> wrote:

      Wow! That's great :) I can't sing praises enough about the well
      oiled machinery of the GBES and their mighty leader Monty.

      Let us know when the dust settles. I'm sure I owe you at least a
      couple of beers for the immense fun my family and I had on two of
      The Rally's :)

      aka Touchstone

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