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434Re: [CCGC] new to the area

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  • monty wolf
    Aug 2, 2007
      hey jono:

      thank you for the welcome and the kind words!

      i'm really glad that you and the boys enjoyed the rally as much as i did putting it together.  watching your team cross the finish line was one of the highlights of the rally!

      i've moved into a situation that's keeping me busy for a few weeks, but my boss/roommate tells me that there is light at the end of our tunnel of woe and i will, indeed, have a chance to look for a cache or two.

      i'll be busy at concours d'eligance for the upcoming event.  but, i'm sure there'll be more on the horizon.

      thanks, again, for the welcome!

      cache you later!


      On 8/2/07, jono reksoatmodjo <triplecsv@...> wrote:

      Hey Welcome Monty !!!
      So you moved to the Monterey Bay. Everybody, we are
      fortunate to have this guy here. He put on the most
      awesome geocache/off-road experience I have ever
      attended.My kids are still bragging to their friends.
      Monty, there are alot of great areas to cache down
      here. Nisens Marks SP, Fort Ord, Henry Cowell SP, too
      many to name.Get settled and if you need a buddy to
      cache with give me a holler.
      Jono (Modjo Trekker}

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