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408Re: [CCGC] Any news in Monterey County?

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  • Gabrielle
    Nov 11, 2006
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      Thanks for the Monterey County and SLOIGO updates, David.  I don't think everyone has moved over to the GBA forums.  I'm a member there but usually prefer the local group emails to surfing through a gazillion topics at GBA or GC.com forums!  I will have to check the Monterey Bay forum next time I visit. 
      - Chickasaw

      "David L. Norris" <dlnorris@...> wrote:
      Hi Chickasaw,
      For some reason everyone seems to have moved to the GBA group.  I unfortunately do not have the time to be too active of a forum member in either.  I was going to go to Moss Landing event last week but had to attend my Mother in law's funeral in Bakersfield instead.  I now have a sail boat and plan to go after all of the offshore geocaches eventually, but I have alot of dust on my scuba stuff.  I still get about 10 - 20 hits per week on my 68 caches, so people are still caching the area.  I grabbed 5 caches over in Galt area last week after my third work trip over there to that area, promising myself I would take some time for myself after work, but alais there is always home fires to fight and the need to get somewhere tugging at my shirt tail concience.  I still get all of the group post when they occur but like you see very little movement.  Dave aka SLOIGO

      Chickasaw <go2garrett@sbcgloba l.net> wrote:
      Hello CCGCA members:

      No messages since mid-August? I noticed this group has accepted 5 new
      members since then. Any news to report down Monterey way? It sounds
      like the Moss Landing event last weekend was a big success. How is
      that 5 star underwater cache doing in Monterey Bay?

      Hello new members! I am Chickasaw of ynots4 and live in Santa Cruz
      County but I have a virtual cache in Castroville and cache in Monterey
      County whenever I get a chance. I have been assigned the role of one
      of several group moderators.

      Happy caching everyone!

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