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391Re: [CCGC] Re: Greetings from AltDotAir

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  • David Werblo
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Hi Matt,

      We commiserate with your GPS problem. We logged on
      last Sat to get coords for the Pinnacles event and
      found our new OS did not support the software
      installed in our GPS. We messed with it for a while
      (making us miss the meeting times of the event)
      finally gave up and went to the event without the GPS.
      We finally uploaded new software this morning so we
      will be set if we manage to make it to the SC event
      --- touchstone12002 <touchstone12002@...> wrote:

      > Great to hear from you Matt. I sure can
      > commiserate about the dead
      > GPS. I thought I'd killed mine about a year ago
      > crossing the Carmel
      > River and falling into a sucker hole up to my chest,
      > but it finally
      > gave up the ghost on a trek out to Ventana Double
      > Cone a couple of
      > weeks ago.
      > Just an FYI: This group was started by another old
      > timer,
      > compass_bearing_north. There is also a reasonably
      > active group up in
      > Santa Cruz:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GeocachingSantaCruz/
      > It might be worth your time to join that group as
      > well, as the two
      > groups overlap on quite a few things like hikes and
      > Events. That
      > group is headed up by Chikasaw and the spiritual
      > leader of both
      > groups, Coralgeo. Both groups use the familiar CCGC
      > logo made by
      > Raygun_88 a few years back.
      > And don't worry about not having a GPS. There's one
      > member of this
      > group that I know of that found nearly a hundred
      > caches before he
      > finally bought one ;)
      > Mike
      > aka Touchstone
      > --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "Matthew Wall"
      > <wallmatt@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Howdy all,
      > >
      > > it us us, oldtimers AltDotAir, checking back in.
      > We've been somewhat
      > > inactive the last couple of years due to
      > child-rearing distractions
      > > combined with a most definitively dead (and as yet
      > unreplaced) GPS
      > > unit. But I was happy to see there's a more
      > organized group on line
      > > now for the CCGC.
      > >
      > > FYI...
      > >
      > > - Matt (Alt)
      > >

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