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384Re: [CCGC] Pinnacles

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  • David L. Norris
    Mar 16, 2006
      All eight of the caches I set out have been approved for the Pinnacles March, even the one REALLY close to the gate.  If it is less than a 10 mi hike in one day, I would be interested in a CITO it is just us ole farts can't do that much.  I still have to be able to get up on Monday and go to work.

      bud <fiftysumtin@...> wrote:
      Hi, all!

      I've been in touch with the volunteer coordinator for the Pinnacles
      National Park.

      Is there any interest in the group in participating in a CITO at the
      Pinnacles for the later half of the month if I can organize one? April

      Bud 50sumtin

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