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382Yosemite Spring (May 5-7 weekend) 2006 CITO?

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  • bud
    Feb 24, 2006
      FYI: I just received a snail-mail package from "Yosemite National
      Park" for CITO volunteer dates.

      I just e-mailed the volunteer coordinator that I (we:us:geocachers)
      would be interested in a (CITO) group park volunteer event for the
      weekend of May 5-7, 2006.

      This event should be similar to the VERY successful event that
      Touchstone organized for last fall, which was very fun. (We attended
      and met a lot of great geocachers! But more importantly, we gave
      back to Yosemite Park!)

      The commitment will be to clean out campfire pits for Saturday
      morning. In exchange, attendees would get:

      1) FREE park access to Yosemite for the week and
      2) FREE camping in the Yellow Pine Campground (in the Great Meadow!)
      for Friday and Saturday nights (which is very cool.)

      I will submit a geocache description ASAP after if/when the co-
      ordinator approves. (I will fax the required form Monday.)

      As always, any feedback is appreciated.

      Qualification for attendance to the CITO will be strictly limited to
      Campfire clean-up with the group Saturday.

      Bud 50sumtin