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35Re: Loneliest Cache Award

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  • Gabrielle
    Nov 4, 2004
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      Hello CCGCA group:

      I would like to respond to Touchstone's quest for loneliest caches.
      It took a bit of study before I could answer. My closest caches are
      all in the Santa Cruz area. As it turns out some of the loneliest
      caches are also ones I haven't visited yet. Let me tell you what I
      know about them:

      1. "Call Before Digging" at Wilder Ranch State Park was last found
      March 10, 2004. I am sure it is still there but I hesitate to go
      because every log entry is a tale of woe, starting with the Marky &
      Joani tick saga.

      2. A set of caches along the Hwy 1 stretch of beaches going towards
      Davenport called "For Your Eyes Only" & "You Only Live Twice" was
      last found in April by Sgt Stitches & the Cruz Commandos. I think
      they had fun, but was uncertain after Cpl Kiwi's description at the
      Scotts Valley Geocache Picnic.

      3. "Shake Your Bootie" at the Loma Prieta epicenter at Nisene Marks
      State Park was last found May 2004 and I have been dying to go, but
      have not been able to convince anyone else to go with me.

      These were the loneliest Santa Cruz caches I see, that are still out
      there and waiting for someone to visit.

      I hope you guys are getting out more than I am these days!

      Chickasaw (Gabrielle)

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "touchstone12002" <msmelser@m...> wrote:
      > I saw a thread on the forums about the Loneliest Cache Award. So
      > just for the heck of it I did a search of my closest caches (up to
      > pages) and came up with the following (I didn't include disabled
      > caches): drum roll please!
      > Looks like David21 and the Fisherwoman get the Loneliest Cache
      > for my closest list. I'm A Baaaaaad Boy in San Juan Buatista last
      > found on January 2, 2004 (just recently reactivated, so it has a
      > of an advantage).
      > A distant second goes to Pinetree Path by our illustrious moderator
      > of the group CBN. Last found April 7, 2004
      > And a surprising third place finish goes to Dagwood and Blondy for
      > Fort Ord Back Country. It has a few DNF's so it may not be there.
      > Last found April 10, 2004.
      > How about you guys up in SC/SV? What's your lonliest cache?
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