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322Re: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches

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    Dec 9, 2005
      Re: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches
      I'm afraid I'm a muggle Michael. 
      I have a good friend on the fire department that is stationed at Gaviota.  He uses geocaching as a training exercise for his crew.  Aside from reading articles about it and hearing about his experience, I have not been out caching myself.
      I just registered on the site so that I could find out more about the hobby (sport?) before I tried to "cache" in on it.  Your group has been extremely helpful, as has the web site.  Whoever built the geocache website had done an outstaning job of providing understandable info on what this is all about.
      As an archivist and history buff, I just really like the idea of hidden time capsules that can be found using modern technology.  So when I heard about geocaching I knew that it was just the thing, especially since this history relates to a major california highway that is well traveled.
      My plan was to go out with my more experienced gps buddy and find some cache in the next couple of weeks and then he was going to help me plant the ones down by Gaviota.  Sounds like I need to get some finds on my resume so I guess we better get at it.
      Thanks again all!
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      Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 12:29 AM
      Subject: Re: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches

      RIght, you can't have people stop ON the freeway.  No problems with being too close to other existing caches: there aren't any along 101 BETWEEN Gaviota and PeaSoup.  Sounds like a fun idea to have an extra little prize for people who find a certain number of them, like you say, recording a code number from inside the cache or something like that.  
      Only one thing to worry about - have you found and logged any caches on geocaching.com ?  I don't think it's spelled out in the "rules" but I have an impression that the approvers may not approve your caches if you have not yet FOUND any.  It sounds like you know other cachers in your area; have you been out looking for caches so you have a good idea where to hide, how to verify coordinates, what is easy and what is difficult, etc?  

      From: "CURT CRAGG" <thepoormansmuseum@...>
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      Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 20:00:52 -0800
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      Subject: Re: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches

      I'm getting a quick education on caching and I appreciate the help.  I have read the information on the website now and it was very helpful.  

      As it stands now I am planning on putting two historical photographs in each cache with brief explanations of what they depict and the orientation of the pictures.  I have identified 14 locations of interest along Highway 101 from Gaviota to just past Buellton.  Many of these would not be taken locations as they depict places that no longer exist so caches are not likely to have been placed there.  These places will be accessible without having to stop on the freeway even though they are along the original coast highway route.

      I have also made a card with instructions on what to do when you find the cache and am including a logbook and some take away items for the finders.

      I was also considering a prize for people that locate say 10 of the 14 caches and properly log in the keywords found at each cache.

      Any other ideas or input???  I would like to get these up and running by the end of December so the cachers in my area will have something to do to celebrate a new year.

      Thanks for all of the ideas and help so far.

      The Poor Man
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      From: Gabrielle <mailto:go2garrett@...>  
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      Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 9:19 AM
      Subject: Re: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches

      Hello Curt:

      Have you read the information at www.geocaching.com <http://www.geocaching.com>  yet?  It tells you everything you need to know about hiding and finding a geocache.  Yes, there should always be a log book and a stash note in each geocache.

      Have fun!
      - Chickasaw

      CURT CRAGG <thepoormansmuseum@...> wrote:
      Thanks for your help.  I appreciate the advice on the postcards.  Many of the pictures that I was going to laminate are old postcard images so my thought is that the souvenier could be the same card.  Whether they mail or not isn't that important.  

      How do you guys record verification of a find?  Is it best to put a log book in the cache and then what is the best website(s) for posting the coordinates and verification of the find?

      I guess I'm the far south central coast.  Down here we sort of believe the central coast starts at Gaviota as you turn the corner on Highway 101 and ends up in your neck of the woods.

      Thanks for the ideas.

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      From: touchstone12002 <mailto:msmelser@...>  
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      Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 5:02 AM
      Subject: [CCGC] Re: Newbie needs help with Geocaches

      Hi PMM,

      Sounds like a very interesting series of caches.  I think I'd bag the
      postcard verification idea.  Instead, I think I'd just print up some
      small business cards with a picture of the place on the back, and your
      username on the front and call it a sig item.  I think you'll find that
      trying to get people to mail back the postcards will be frustrating.  
      Geocachers are generally pretty lazy about doing such things.

      Another suggestion: make sure you check the cache listings before you
      place a cache.  You may find that there is a cache already in the spot
      that you have in mind (not always of course).  Caches need to be at
      least 0.1 miles apart (a little over 500 feet).  It'll just save you
      some time and effort to do a little homework ahead of time.

      You might want to check out the Poison Oak Cachers website also.  
      They're based out of SLO (the other Central Coast).  A very active and
      friendly group that extends down you direction:


      They also accassionaly pop up in the Geocaching Forums under the
      following thread:


      Good luck with the series :)

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "thepoormansmuseusm"
      <thepoormansmuseum@v...> wrote:
      > I am planning on stashing some caches along Highway 101 in northern
      > Santa Barbara County.  Caches will feature pictures of historical
      > places where they once were, but may no longer exist. My plan is to
      > put laminated photos of what was there in the cache.  Also maybe
      > postcards to send back to verify that the cache was found.  Would like
      > to hear ideas from experienced cachers.
      > Thanks for your help!
      > The Poor Man


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