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297Any more CCGC coin orders

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  • Lance
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Hi everyone... me again...

      I was reviewing the messages about the coin ordering and just realized
      that in a previous post just a few days ago, I said orders would be
      open for "another week", when I should have said the "rest of THIS
      week". We have exceeded the 300 limit and we wanted to place the order
      in time to "MAYBE" have the coins before the New Year (After all, the
      coin does say 2005!!).

      If there are any other LOCAL cachers out there who REALLY want one of
      these and THOUGHT you had a few more days to place your order... send
      me an e-mail BEFORE noon, Dec 6 and hopefully we can work something

      Several people offered to lower their individual orders (Thanks to
      those of you out there willing to be flexible and share!!) if there
      was anyone who got left out.

      So far this has been a great experience with everyone providing great
      feedback on the design and remaining flexible so that everyone could
      get some of these coins.

      So I apologize if anyone was planning on placing their order this