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294Re: [CCGC] CCGC Coin has been ordered! Please send $$ now :-)

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  • Gabrielle
    Dec 2, 2005
      Is there a quick link to make payment for this somewhere?  
      - Gabrielle

      Kealia <rostmi@...> wrote:

      I placed the order last night and was able to keep the cost of this
      coin at a flat $5.00/each.

      This coin will be slightly larger than the typical coin to allow for
      all the detail that we wanted on it. It will made in polished gold
      so that the "C"s will really jump out against the green paint.

      I expect the coins in 22 days barring any unforeseen incidents from
      the mint (and I don't expect any).

      Please send PayPal payment as soon as possbile so I can offest my
      credit card bill ASAP.
      PAYPAL ADDRESS: hockeynhula@...

      Please include your name, Geo-name and a note stating CCGC Coin
      payment as this account is used for other things and this will allow
      me to quickly pull these out.

      You'll get a confirmation back via email that everything was
      accepted - along with a note of gratitude for quick pyaments :-)

      If you have any questions, please email me directly.

      Lance and/or I will be in touch if anything changes or with updates.


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