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23Re: [CCGC] Cache of the Year Poll

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  • Lance Thornley
    Sep 27, 2004
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      I have to second Chickasaw, in that I haven't been to any of those caches either.  In the Santa Cruz area, one of my favorites is Zenone's "Houdini's Hideaway Magic Exchange" (GCKE7Y).
      Maybe we could have a more localized poll for favorite (not sure of the extent of the group, but maybe: Big Sur Area, Monterey/Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley.... or maybe just North Bay and South Bay?) and then have a run-off between finalists?  If the local winners could be announced a couple of months before the finals... people could have a chance to try to get to the finalists before final voting.
      Just my .02 worth. :-)
      (Sgt Stitches)
      Reporting in from Washington, DC.

      ggbahai4 <go2garrett@...> wrote:
      Hi all:

      I have not been to any of those caches so cannot vote.  If you happen
      to visit Santa Cruz, we have lots of fun caches too.  I think my
      favorite so far is "The Holy Grail" mystery cache by Sgt Stitches and
      the Cruz Commandos, waypoint GCHPWM. 

      I will be sure to see which cache wins so I can make a special trip
      to visit it next time I am going south!

      Chickasaw (of ynots4)

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