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  • Lance
    Oct 31, 2005
      Update on CCGC Group coin poll:

      For those interested, response to the poll showed interest in at least
      115 (without even including interest from local coin clubs (Nurse
      Dave's and GBA). So I think we can safely say that we could sell 300
      and keep it local with local distribution only. I think for the
      moment we don't have to worry about a personal purchase limit, or if
      we do, 25-30 would be a sufficient limit, but that could change as
      word spreads locally.

      Questions raised privately: What constitutes "Bona Fide" CCGC
      My own opinion is: "Bona Fide" is someone who can claim at least 20
      finds in the CCGC area, lives close enough to cache in the CCGC area
      on a semi-regular basis, and is a member of either the "CCGC"
      or "GeocachingSantaCruz" Yahoo!Group. As always, exceptions can be

      Other results:

      Unanimous on keeping distribution local. No Mailing.

      Unanimous on tracking: Not necessary and better to save the $1.50/coin

      Mixed reviews on numbered vs. non-numbered. (Though, since cost is
      minimal at around .25 per coin.. we will probably go ahead and number

      We have volunteers for distribution in Monterey (Touchstone... not so
      much a volunteer as being volunteered ;-), Santa Cruz (GA-
      Daytrippers, Kealia, Sgt Stitches), and San Jose (Bullit/others).

      So we will proceed to get a quote based on the info above and then
      start taking orders via a database in the CCGC Yahoo!Group Forum.

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