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215Re: As long as we're talking coins.... CCGC Coin development is under way!

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  • touchstone12002
    Oct 26, 2005
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      Hey! Did I hear my name? Sounds like another opportunity for an
      Event :) Hmmmm...although I might like picking mine up at 99 Bottles.

      My opinion:

      Keep the production limited, keep the purchasing within CCGC and
      GCSC, skip the tracking but number the coins.

      On the tracking issue, I agree with Dave. They almost always end up
      on someones fireplace mantle, so there's little point in paying for
      the tracking. Marky's site is great, but it seems like a waste of
      his time to set something up that's only going to have one log per
      coin (at best). On the other hand, numbering the coins gives them
      a "limited" feel and I think it's worthwhile to have the numbering on
      them (particularly for the single digit coins).

      - Touchstone

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "Lance" <sgt_stitches@s...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone-
      > Per Ben's request, Kealia and I are tag teaming the production of
      the CCGC geocoin and
      > trying to relieve some of the burden of coin development from Ben
      (who by the way has
      > done a GREAT job!).
      > So here's the plan:
      > Kealia is submitting the last draft of the CCGC coin by Biggeek Ben
      (with shading of
      > underwater canyon) to Coins and Pins for initial quote and to ask
      for suggestions on how
      > best to implement the coin (eg: 2D die with multiple layers or 3D
      die, etc.)
      > I will handle pre-orders ( WAIT! NOT YET! :-D ) and try to
      arrange a consensus within
      > the group for the best way to handle orders, distribution etc. I
      will try to set up a poll
      > using the Yahoo!Group Poll process to gather opinions, etc. The
      model we plan on using
      > follows the Santa Cruz Geocachers coin methodology. (Can you tell
      I'm an engineer?)
      > So there are a couple of questions we need to decide as a group.
      Many of the questions
      > are related, so I will try to summarize at the end what I think
      seems to be the going "Best
      > Practice" for developing geocoins:
      > 1. How many to make?
      > Earlier consensus was to make just enough to get a price break on
      the coin.. about 300.
      > There should be no problem selling that many to just the locals and
      it keeps the coin out
      > of the realm of "Geocoin Craze". It keeps the coin both affordable
      and unique to our area.
      > 2. Who will be able to pre-purchase a coin?
      > Again, early consensus seemed to be that we should limit the
      purchasing of coins to
      > members of CCGC, people who live and cache in the CCGC area....
      which seems to extend
      > as far south as King City and as far North as Santa Cruz...and as
      far east as the Hwy 101
      > corridor, including Salinas, Prunedale, San Juan Bautista areas.
      If we have trouble selling
      > 300 locally, we could pay an increased cost (about $1 per coin) to
      have a smaller amount
      > minted or we could open up sales outside the area. As a reference,
      colored coins, with
      > odd shape, probably run ($5-$7), but cost won't be known for sure
      until the artwork is
      > submitted.
      > 3. Distribution?
      > Coins will only be distributed by hand (no mailing saves overall
      cost and a LOT of
      > headaches and extra work). Most likely we would hold an event or
      maybe two events to
      > distribute the coins and then also have a couple of local
      distribution reps (eg: someone in
      > Santa Cruz, someone in Monterey...Did I just hear Touchstone
      > 4. To track or not to track? That is the question.
      > Some people love to track coins... to set them free in the wild
      frontier of geocaching. We
      > can get tracking numbers similar to Travel Bugs from geocaching.com
      for $1.50 per
      > coin.... but would need to purchase a minimum of 500 coins to have
      the coin tracked as a
      > personal coin... or much higher (1000+) to have it tracked like a
      state coin with its own
      > icon.
      > Alternatives to tracking are tracking sites like geocoin.net run by
      Marky for free or
      > geocointracking.com which will track coins for a modest fee.
      Either of these methods only
      > requires that the coins have unique numbering, which is a
      negligible cost in the
      > manufacturing process.
      > So, here is a summary of "Best Practices" and a suggestion for how
      we do this:
      > Make 300 numbered coins, distribute them only to members and
      locals, by hand, at an
      > event and through area representatives for those unable to attend.
      Pre-orders will be
      > through a database here on the Yahoo!Group. Payment will be via
      paypal, or check.
      > So waddya think?
      > I'll set up a poll to get an idea of the numbers of coins locals
      are interested in.
      > -Lance
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