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183[CCGC] Re: CCGC logo etc.

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  • teambiggeeks
    Oct 10, 2005
      Hola CCGCers,
      Well I've put the deposit down on the CITO coin now...YIKES. So
      it's definitely getting made, I can't afford to lose 135 bones. I'll
      post the official proof, as soon as I get it. Also, I was browsing
      through some other coins and saw this dual metal coin on the
      following page:
      Look at the Canine unit coin. That would look pretty darn cool on
      our team coin.

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, Susie Cochran <susie@s...> wrote:
      > Just a follow-up on the non-commercial use of the CCGC logo and
      > this one's OK. As Ben explained to me, proceeds from the coins
      > will be for purchase will be used to offset the coins being given
      > away and other CITO supplies. In my eyes this qualifies as
      > non-commercial geocaching use and I gave Ben permission without
      > running it by Raygun.
      > -Susie
      > >Hi All,
      > >Just an update on the CITO coin. After getting the okay from
      > >I sent the artwork to the manufacturer
      > >(http://www.coinsforanything.com/) today with a tentative order of
      > >300. 225 will be available to purchase in Nickel, and 75 in brass
      > >will be handed out at a CITO event Dec. 3rd for the cost of 1 or 2
      > >bags of trash(one coin per team). The return of the natives
      > >director wants to know if I can hand them out to all participants
      > >(non-geocachers), but I can't think of a way to make that work.
      > >Maybe a couple, but it seems like if other geocachers are making
      > >this possible the freebies should be restricted to geocachers?
      > >Thoughts?
      > >BTW I'm a lumper. CCGC for life!
      > >BGB
      > --
      > Susie (Coralgeo)
      > susie@s...
      > http://www.scubasue.com
      > I want to tell you the ocean knows this, that life in its jewel
      > is endless as the sand, impossible to count, pure, and made the
      > jellyfish full of light and untied its knot, letting its musical
      > threads fall from a horn of plenty made of infinite mother-of-
      > -Pablo Neruda
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