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180CCGC log etc.

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  • Susie
    Oct 5, 2005
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      Hi y'all,
      I just returned from my Houston trip late last night and am busy catching up on all my
      email etc. Wow, y'all have been chatty!

      I did a little bit of geocaching while visiting family. Seems that the Houston area isn't as
      into signature items as we are, however I did pick up a couple of sig-cards. I also visited a
      number of well-engineered and crafty camos that I may mimic some day (consider
      yourselves warned). And the best news is that I didn't receive any snakebites like
      Chickasaw/Gabrielle did.

      I thought I'd chime in here on a little bit of history surrounding the CCGC title, logo, Yahoo
      Groups etc.

      It was back in 2001 that Raygun_88 and I held the first Central Coast Area Geocachers
      event at Natural Bridge SP (see GCAB0 - now archived). Shortly thereafter, we came up with
      the logo and began using it in our caches, on the cache detail pages, and our personal
      websites. We were (and I still am) living in Santa Cruz. The topo portion of the logo shows
      Shake Your Bootie, which was our first hide back in 2001. A few other local geocachers
      joined in and began using the logo (e.g. Iron Chef and Just A Short Walk) and a casual
      close-knit group of friendships began. We all think of the logo as representing both Santa
      Cruz AND Monterey counties, as those were our geographical stomping grounds (if you
      will) at the time. We placed caches north of Santa Cruz up Hwy 1, and south of Carmel into
      the Big Sur regions. Since it was a small group and we all knew each other back in those
      days (before the sport really caught on), the use of, and passing around of, the CCGC logo
      around wasn't really an issue.

      Fast forward a bit. In April of 2004, a young geocacher by the name of RedTroll2 began a
      Yahoo group called CCGCA using a very pixelated copy of the CCGC logo. I wasn't doing
      much geocaching that year due to a back injury and didn't come across the Yahoo group
      site until February of 2005. After a few emails back and forth, I fixed up Redtroll's Yahoo
      group webpage with a higher-rez logo and some other color changes.

      During the same period, I noticed this Yahoo group for Santa Cruz geocachers which had
      formed in January of 2005. Even though us "old-timers" know Santa Cruz is a main
      component of the CCGC, the two Yahoo groups seemed to be divided by the Santa Cruz/
      Monterey county line. No biggie. Many (if not most) of us have signed up on both of the
      groups and cross-postings (such as these) occur all the time.

      I guess what it boils down to is this: are we lumpers or splitters? As Beckerbuns notes, do
      we next make a logo for Capitola? How about Marina?

      I like Marky's idea of using the Roaring Camp coin if you want a Santa Cruz-ish logo.
      Perhaps someone in Monterey County would like to try their hand at a more "southern"
      logo? For me, I'm going to stick with the all-encompassing CCGC logo.

      But to each his own...
      -Coralgeo (Susie)
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