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179Re: CCGA Geocoin

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  • Lance
    Oct 3, 2005
      > Of course, being the sick mind that I am, I look at all that stuff
      > and think one of two things:
      > 1. How could I hide a cache there?
      > 2. If I held an Event there, would anybody come to it?

      Isn't one of the first signs of addiction not being able to look at anything or go anywhere
      without thinking about the thing you're addicted to? OK, everyone, I think we need to
      have an intervention for Mike... He is starting (or is that continuing?) to show classic signs
      of a serious addiction... ;-)

      BTW, if you hold an event.... they will come....

      Back on topic:
      Both coins are looking great!
      There. I've made my comments... I'm done and I even stayed on topic... at least for a short
      while... :-D
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