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162[CCGC] Re: CCGA Geocoin

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  • teambiggeeks
    Sep 25, 2005
      Hi All, I posted another version of the proposed coin. I added Sgt.
      Stitches suggested logo and flags. No text on this version as I
      don't have access to the program right now.
      The city names are abbreviated on this version, but with illustrator
      we can write out the whole name along the inside edge of the coin.
      Personally I think there's pros/cons with the logo. I think it looks
      good, but does somewhat substract from the canyon feel.
      Also, I forgot to put a spot for numbering, but think we can add it in
      the green section. Thoughts?


      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, Sgt Stitches <sgt_stitches@s...> wrote:
      > Yeah... the little triangle flag is also part of the Geocaching
      > in fact, I was thinking you could incorporate the Geocaching logo
      > the square part on the "bay" side of the coin.... sort of the
      > counterpart to the "ready to navigate" on the CCGC side.... it would
      > depend on how deep it would have to go into the bay... I like the
      > depth/underwater canyon effect you've got going... reminds of the
      > poster of the bay they sell all over the place in Monterey and in
      > Cruz.
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