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146Re: [CCGC] Re: CCGA Geocoin

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  • Jenn Oates
    Sep 21 2:38 PM
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      Plus, if people across the country know you're minting a coin, you're going to get requests to buy coins...lots of coins.  

      On Sep 21, 2005, at 2:02 PM, Lance wrote:

      Having just ordered a personal coin (due to arrive in about two
      weeks... but shhhhhh!  don't tell anybody else) I would love to help
      out with a CCGC coin!  Touchstone is right though... it is not cheap!

      There are coin manufacturers out there who will make odd shaped coins
      (EG: recent "Dog Bone" geocoin).. so you could actually make the coin
      the shape of the CCGC logo (more expensive)... the question is what
      to do on the other side of the coin to take into account the odd
      shape... You could also just make the logo fit within a circle and
      use the extra space to put in additional detail.  More detail does
      not necessarily mean more expensive... cost is mostly driven by
      quantity, 3D vs 2D dies, color, and size.

      3D dies are more expensive than 2D, but the effect if much better
      (eg:  The train side of the Santa Cruz coin is 3D, the lighthouse is

      There is a large price break at 300 coins (about $1 per coin)... and
      I don't think you'd have any trouble at all selling that many, even
      limiting it to locals.  There were 450 Santa Cruz coins made, all
      were pre-sold to locals only.  Final cost was less than $5 per coin.

      You can now have the group coins tracked on geocaching.com for a
      minimum 500 coins at $1.50 per coin... again... more cost.

      I don't think offering the coin for general sale would bring the cost
      down that much... (Dave's coin club alone would probably order 120)

      For the same price, you can also have the coins minted in different
      metals... say, polished gold for locals... polished silver for

      As far as financing... its a lot of money to put out up front, but if
      $$ were collected for pre-sales of coins, whoever did the ordering
      wouldn't have to front so much cash.

      I'm late for a meeting... but I'd love to talk more about getting a
      CCGC geocoin together!

      (aka Sgt Stitches)

      --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "touchstone12002" <msmelser@m...> wrote:
      > OK, the Wave is out.  Actually, the Monterey bay and stars was
      > idea to start with.
      > I think it's worth exploring the Raygun design and see if there's a
      > shape that would accomodate the "Shake Your Bootie" topo map.  If
      > nothing else, I think it would make the coin even MORE distinctive.
      > Have a good trip Susie, and be safe.
      > - Touchstone
      > --- In ccgca@yahoogroups.com, "teambiggeeks" <teambiggeeks@y...>
      > > Okay, we've seen Sgt. Stitches collection.  We've got the desire
      > > coins out there, and we're semi-organized.  Why haven't we made a
      > coin
      > > yet?
      > >
      > > The biggeeks are pretty daggone broke, but I'm sure we could
      > > up like $50-$75 to pitch in for some group coins.  I'm going to
      > my
      > > procrastination time to photoshop up a coin.  I'm initially
      > > something simple, like the monterey bay with stars at Santa Cruz
      > > Monterey on the front, and of course Raygun's logo on the back. 
      > > the topo contour lines in the logo come out?
      > >
      > > Whew, I'm getting excited!!!
      > >
      > > BG Ben


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