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135Gulf Coast Geocachers need your Help!

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  • grrlfrog71
    Sep 11, 2005
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      Hi there fellow cachers,

      Please forgive the intrusion but this is a plea for assistance. My
      name is Mary Ann and I go by "Grrlfrog & CacheChow" on
      www.geocaching.com. Last Tuesday I emailed many of our geocaching
      friends in the Gulf Coast region to check on them and see how they
      were doing. Of the 150 emails I sent I have received about 35
      responses. Of the 35 responses there is one family who has lost
      everything, one elderly gentleman who has lost everything and one
      woman who is stranded in Atlanta with no cash, a bounced payroll
      check and a Red Cross debit card that doesn't work.

      I am beginning to think I will hear back that more and more people
      need help.

      If you or anyone in your group would like to join the effort started
      by the Central Texas Geocachers, please feel free to email me
      directly. We have already assisted the family who has lost
      everything by buying new bikes for their kids and contributing a
      carload of household items, clothes, food and personal items.

      We are looking to help each geocacher impacted by the storm on a
      very individual basis. We will gladly put you in touch with them
      one they have the assistance they need. Geocachers are a rare and
      wonderful group of people and your help is needed and appreciated.

      Please email me directly if you have any questions or concerns. I
      will be happy to put you in touch with the other cachers who are
      helping me pull this effort together. I have also started a Yahoo
      group for the ongoing support effort of Geocachers affected by
      Hurricane Katrina:


      Kind regards,
      Mary Ann aka "Grrlfrog & Cachechow"
      grrlfrog71 at yahoo dot com
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