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122Big Basin to the Sea on Sunday

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  • Susie Cochran-Marquez
    Jul 14, 2005
      Hi all,
      Gabrielle (Chickasaw) and I are going to do a mini death-march on
      Sunday (July 17). We plan on putting my car at Waddell Beach early in
      the morning, and then taking Gabrielle's car up to Big Basin HQ. From
      there we will hike down the Skyline to the Sea Trail and plan on
      grabbing the following geocaches and letterboxes:

      Greyt Berry Creek Falls
      #5 of STS Series Letterboxes (see letterboxing.org -- box might be
      Maden Voyage
      Waddell Creek Cache
      #4 STS letterbox near Waddell Creek Cache
      Canada de Salud
      #2 STS letterbox near the Horse Camp
      #1 STS letterbox near the Hwy 1 gate (possibly)

      Other stops along Hwy 1 south before turning off at Bonny Doon to head
      back to HQ may include:
      Shelob's Stair
      Shark's Tooth (I hear the Cache Medic may join us for this one)
      Go To Jail

      And there might be a new placement or two along the way!

      We are inviting those who want to join us. Gabrielle has one commitment
      in the morning, but the aim is to be at the Big Basin HQ at 10am to
      begin the trek. If you would like to come, please let us know ASAP as
      we'll need to work out car pool arrangements and such.

      -Coralgeo and Chickasaw
      The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been
      an earth and sea, there has been this place of the meeting of
      land and water.

      -Rachel Carson