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120Shake Your Bootie

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  • Susie Cochran-Marquez
    May 30, 2005
      Apologies for the cross-postings.

      Just wanted to let everyone know that Shake Your Bootie has now been
      upgraded with a big .50 cal ammo can (J&S was out of the "regulars"),
      fresh items, and a new cache description webpage. I have now claimed it
      as an unofficial Earthcache. You can read all about it at

      Special thanks go to Kealia, Touchstone and Sgt Stitches who have been
      out there fairly recently (check out their logs if you haven't read
      them - note to future cachers...cross the creek at the beginning of the
      Aptos Creek Trail to follow the true trail), and whose trade items are
      contributing to the "worthiness" of this cache.

      The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been
      an earth and sea, there has been this place of the meeting of
      land and water.

      -Rachel Carson