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118Re: [CCGC] supplier for camo tape?

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  • corbydale@netscape.net
    May 21, 2005
      Cammo duct tape can be found at California WalMarts, its Duck brand, and you can find it in the hardware section with all the rest of the duct tape, not in the hunting section. WalruZ swears by the stuff...


      Gabrielle <go2garrett@...> wrote:

      >I asked J & S Suppliers if they had camo tape when I was down there in March and they did not carry it.  I bought my camo tape at Wal-Mart in Texas, but have not been to a California Wal-Mart.
      >Good luck!
      >- Chickasaw
      >Susie Cochran-Marquez <susie@...> wrote:
      >Where does one go about purchasing the camouflage duct tape?
      >-Susie (Coralgeo)
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