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MX716/7C Vista 64bit Drivers - Beta Testers Wanted

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  • Gary
    Hi, I m cross posting this from the StarlightXpress yahoo group, for those who have this camera but don t read that group. I m looking for anyone who owns the
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      I'm cross posting this from the StarlightXpress yahoo group, for those
      who have this camera but don't read that group.

      I'm looking for anyone who owns the StarlightXpress MX716 or 7C range of
      CCD cameras with the USB1.1 interface and has access to a 64bit
      installation of Windows Vista.

      Anyone with access to the above and willing to beta test a new set of
      drivers for this camera can obtain the drivers and installation
      instructions at the below URL


      installation instructions are also available:


      What does testing involve? Simply installing the drivers and seeing if
      you can take images using whatever software you'd normally use with your
      MX716/7C camera, be it Star_MX7, AstroArt, MaximDL or some other
      package. Then reporting the success or failure to myself so that I can
      fix any issues encountered.

      I've run my own tests using the Star_MX7 application but would also like
      to hear from anyone who could test with the full version of Astro Art or

      If anyone can help out with this I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to
      report problems here or email me directly. I'd also appreciate an email
      if you try the drivers and have no problems at all. Any extra
      information you can provide regarding how much you tested the drivers
      and with which software will also be of use.

      NOTE: These are 64bit Vista drivers ONLY. If you have a 32bit OS you
      should continue to use the official StarlightXpress drivers.

      You can tell whether you have Vista 64bit or not by clicking
      start/control panel/System and Maintenance/view ram and processor speed

      Then look at the "System Type:" entry, it should say 64-bit Operating

      Thanks in advance,

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