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Re: Cancelled: East Coast Conference on Astronomical Imaging

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  • maxmsm
    Time to update the we site. I was just about to make flight reservations.. It is to bad. Max
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2007
      Time to update the we site. I was just about to make flight
      reservations.. It is to bad.


      --- In ccd-newastro@yahoogroups.com, "Jim Misti" <jmisti@...> wrote:
      > We regret that we must inform you of the cancellation of the
      > East Coast Conference on Astronomical Imaging on September
      > 28 to 30, 2007.
      > The number of attendees who have signed up so far, in conjunction
      > with our projections of future signups, would not result in a
      > sufficient audience size to be fair to the conference speakers
      > and exhibitors, given the amount of time and effort they will
      > have expended in preparation for the conference.
      > Since one of the benefits of this type of gathering is the time
      > spent in the company of other enthusiasts with varying levels of
      > experience, we also believe conducting the conference with the
      > projected number of attendees would be unfair to the attendees
      > as well.
      > We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused, but
      > firmly believe that cancelling the conference is the best
      > course of action.
      > We have already contacted all of our speakers, exhibitors,
      > and the folks who had registered as attendees (who received full
      > refunds). In fact, we had delayed making a more public
      > announcement until we were sure all the folks directly affected
      > had been notified.
      > For those looking for a similar event, we can wholeheartedly
      > recommend the Advanced Imaging Conference, scheduled for this
      > year on October 26-28 in San Jose, California:
      > http://www.aicccd.com/
      > If you prefer something on the East Coast of the U.S., there is
      > an excellent imaging conference in conjunction with the annual
      > NEAF gathering in Suffern, New York. While this conference
      > hasn't been scheduled as yet for 2008, the web site describing
      > the 2007 event is http://www.rocklandastronomy.com/NEAIC/
      > Jim Misti
      > Steve Mazlin
      > Bob Benamati
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