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RE: [ccd-newastro] Automap II - Why wont it Work for Me??

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  • Bob
    Ron, First, may I say to anyone reading this other than Ron, that I know others are obviously using Ron s Automapper II to great advantage. I m once again a
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2003

      First, may I say to anyone reading this other than Ron, that I know others
      are obviously using Ron's Automapper II to great advantage.

      I'm once again a bit shame-faced. Despite my "double-checking" everything,
      I find my server setting for both The Sky and CCDSoft did NOT agree with
      your documentation. That is without doubt where I've made my mistake.

      As to CCDCalc, I'm also a bit embarrassed. I looked at the on-screen
      graphics a number of times for some way to communicate my settings with
      Automapper, and my eyes totally missed the "save" button next to Image Scale.

      I have no doubt that the server settings issue is the source of my
      problems. At the moment at almost 5 PM, the sky looks pretty doubtful for
      tonight--but it has often looked like this only to be clear by nightfall.

      When I can check things out, if I'm still having trouble despite
      everything, I'll get back privately, Ron. Your offer to help privately is
      truly appreciated!

      Bob Genung

      At 09:42 31/08/2003 -0600, you wrote:
      >First, are you using Windows XP? If so, did you install every one of these
      >programs while logged on with Administrator privileges? The permission
      >error - what program is generating that error, or is it Windows (the caption
      >bar of the window should have this information)?
      >You do not have the latest version of Automapper II. It is 1.7.9. There are
      >a number of bug fixes and 1.7.9 is the most stable version currently
      >available, and is working well.
      >With respect to the permission error, can you verify that the server
      >settings for telescope and camera are correct per the Automapper II docs? It
      >may be, from your description, that CCDSoft is not set up to allow a remote
      >program to take images.
      >Have you done any manual mapping? It helps to be familiar with what must
      >happen during mapping before trying to automate the process.
      >The latest versions of Automapper want you to input the image scale for 1x1
      >(unbinned). This is different from prior versions, but will save time - you
      >can change bin modes and Automapper II will calculate the image scale for
      >the selected bin mode.
      >When Automapper II encounters a point that is outside the limits you have
      >set in Automapper, it should show SKIP next to the alt/az in the status
      >window, and it should not slew.
      >With respect to CCDCalc, note that you must click the Save button next to
      >the image scale (this is in CCDCalc) to save the desired image scale to the
      >registry, where Automapper II can read it.
      >If the issue is that you need some help getting all this stuff working
      >together, rather than software issues in my programs (which I will get fixed
      >for you if they exist), I can also help you privately by consulting with
      >you. There are several ways I can connect remotely to your system and help
      >you get things working. I've done this service for a number of folks, and it
      >has been more effective than I would have expected to do this remotely.
      >Ron Wodaski
      >author of The New CCD Astronomy
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      >From: Bob [mailto:rgenung@...]
      >Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2003 8:43 AM
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      >Subject: [ccd-newastro] Automap II - Why wont it Work for Me??
      >Despite the fact that I've had Automap almost since Ron's first release (I
      >think) I have literally been embarrassed to have to ask questions about
      >Automap for the umpteenth time, but Ron/All, here goes. BTW--current
      >versions of all programs cited. Server settings in each program enabled
      >and working. Using the USNO data base with The Sky. Automapper II is V
      >1.75 (or at least exec file is version
      >I have a Paramount ME. Leveled, etc., etc. However, I simply have not
      >been able to get it sufficiently aligned for decent imaging with a ST10 XME
      >through my f9 RC 12.5. I have read and-re-read the PDF document on
      >Automapper II. I CANNOT get it to work for me : (
      >I can do an image link via CCDSoftV5 and The Sky. It will solve with 25 to
      >35 hits. I know the image scale. WCS in CCDSoft reports my North angle as
      >86.57132. I know my image scale @ 3x3 binning is 1.44 ± 0.2. I'm taking
      >10 second exposures in CCDSoft.
      >I have entered my limits in Automapper, and they are there when I double
      >check the set limits diagram.
      >Creating a list from either The Sky, or Automapper, and trying to run the
      >list results in the same problems. First, even though I have just mapped
      >current in The Sky and solved with the 25 to 35 hits noted above,
      >Automapper will not map current for me. Then, when I hit the GO button in
      >Automapper, the scope will slew--but into the no-go limits (where I have no
      >sky view due to trees) that I have added to both Automapper II and to The
      >Sky local horizon via View/Reference Lines/Edit local.
      >Next, as soon as Automapper starts slewing/imaging, and tells me the
      >mapping failed, I get a message "You do not have permission: error 70." It
      >will continue in this fashion until I stop the process. The scope slews,
      >but no mapping.
      >Yet another puzzler is the provision in Automapper to link the image scale
      >data from CCDCalc. I have V 1.4.1. Automapper continually reports that
      >CCDCalc is not installed--which it is.
      >Right now I feel like I've got $35,000 of equipment I can't use. I can get
      >close enough alignment aligning manually to be able do a minute's exposure
      >or thereabouts, but this isn't the kind of accuracy I expect from the ME.
      >Accordingly, may I plead once again for public or private help with getting
      >Automapper to work. I got it to work with my former GT-1100 and a
      >different OTA--both now many months gone.
      >Bob Genung

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