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9168Re: I Knew The Book Was Good But...

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  • JoeBusch
    Sep 1, 2002
      After having listened to Ron's presentation at AstroImage 2002 last
      week at UC Irvine and followed by his tutorial the next day, wait
      until you see the next edition -- next installment. The clarity of
      Ron's presentation was literally palpable. He was doing "new things"
      that aren't even discussed in his book, but have been discussed in
      this discussion group.

      --- In ccd-newastro@y..., Jay Arnold <ajarnold@c...> wrote:
      > I'm taking an Observational Astronomy class at the University of
      > Dakota. Imagine my suprise when I strolled into the bookstore to
      get my
      > textbooks to find that the primary text for the class is, you
      > it, "The New CCD Astronomy"! I am in the unique situation of, not
      > already owning the textbook, but having read it cover to cover at
      > 3-4 times! I was already excited about the class, but now even more
      > This will certainly be a textbook that will make a worthy reference
      > text... no risk of selling this one back at the end of the semester
      > (which might be a bit hard, since I have the pdf version...)
      > Jay Arnold
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